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The World...1867

It's hard to imagine a time when football did not enjoy mass popularity, and unless you've ever tried to organise a works or pub team , it's equally difficult to appreciate the obstacles that Alcock, Kinnaird et al overcame in order to bring the game to a wider public.
 As Alcock himself reflected in 1880:
What was ten or fifteen years ago the recreation of a few … has now become the pursuit of thousands – an athletic exercise, carried on under a strict system … almost magnified into a profession.

The world of Association football in the 1860s and early 1870s was narrow and parochial, described in correspondence to the press as a 'local clique.'
A great sense of fun also reaches out to us across the years- these were hip young men engaged in something novel and almost esoteric.

Alcock, in particular, was always on the lookout for novelty- ultimately it was this desire that gave us both international football and the FA Cup.

In 1867 a combined Eton and Harrow team challenged The Rest of the World.
A fitting example of how the most rag tag scratch matches in which these pioneers were involved has retained a place in the annals of the Association game, for the first match , which took place on January 8th 1867 , The World (referred to in some quarters of the press as The Universe) could only muster 8 players.
The 8 who took to the field at Westminster's Vincent Square ground were:

C.W Alcock (Old Harrovians / Wanderers)

K Muir McKenzie (Old Carthusians / Wanderers)

M Muir McKenzie (Old Carthusians / Wanderers)

H.F Deacon (Civil Service)

H.G Phipps (Old Harrovians)

J.E Tayloe  (Old Westminsters)

C.M Tebbut (Wanderers)

C.G Waudby (Civil Service)

Selected but absent were:

F Lucas (Old Westminsters)

S.H West (Westminster School)
W.J Dixon (Westminster School)

The Eton Harrow line up was: A.F Kinnaird (E), E Freeth (E), C.J Thornton (E), E.L Corrie (E), E.A Owen (E), A Crompton (H) & F.R Broughton (H).

The game ended in a 2-2 draw.

The Vincent Square playing fields can still be seen in London SW1.

For the rematch, held at the same venue on 23.01.67, The World turned out only 7 players. Despite the fact that Eton and Harrow had a one man advantage The World (who were practically Old Carthusians) ran out 0-2 winners.

K Muir McKenzie (Old Carthusians / Wanderers)

M Muir McKenzie (Old Carthusians / Wanderers)

J Butter (Charterhouse School)

E.C.S Gibson (Charterhouse School)

C.E.B Nepean (Charterhouse School)

J.A Foote (Charterhouse School)

J Kirkpatrick (Civil Service)

Selected but absent were:

O.S Walford

W.J Dixon (Westminster School)

E.C Bovill                            
H.J Smith

The Eton Harrow line up was: A.F Kinnaird (E), A.L Gallus/ C.W Alcock (H), E Freeth (E), C.M Tebbut, S.T Holland, J.H Morgan, E Trower & H.F Deacon.

I note that Tebbut played both for and against The World.

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