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Hirsch and Fuchs


Julius Hirsch and Gottfried Fuchs, the 2 Jewish footballers who represented Germany. During the Third Reich era Fuchs went into exile and Hirsch was murdered at Auschwitz.
The memory of these 2 remarkable men has been kept alive by historian Werner Skrentny, and the city of Karlsruhe has a Gottfried-Fuchs-Platz and a Julius-Hirsch-Straße.  The DFB's Julius Hirsch Prize honours those who promote freedom , tolerance and humanity.

Their finest hour for Karlsruher FV came in 1910- winning the German National Championship.
The Karlsruher FV team who beat Holsten Kiel on 15.05.10 was:
Adolf Dell – Carl Hübner, Ernst Hollstein – Hans Ruzek, Max Breunig, Max Schwarze – Fritz TscherterFritz FördererGottfried FuchsJulius HirschHermann Bosch
Trainer: William Townley

Max Bruenig scored the winner from the penalty spot in the 114th minute at Köln.

It was in 1912 that Hirsch and Fuchs first played together for the German national team.  On 04.03.12 
at Zwolle Netherlands and Germany played a 5-5 draw. Fuchs scored Germany's first goal in the 13th minute, but Juller was the star of the show, scoring 4 goals. 

26.05.12- in a repeat of the 1910 final Holstein Kiel beat Karlsruher FV 1-0 (a penalty) at Hamburg. 

They next featured together in the consolation round of Olympic tournament on 03.07.12, 2 days after Fuchs scored 10 goals in a 16-0 demolition of Russia , Hirsch returned to the side for the match with Hungary. Hungary won 3-1 (an Imre Sclosser hat trick).

Hirsch and Fuchs final appearance together for Germany came  on 23.11.13. at Antwerp. Belgium thrashed Germany 6-2. Fuchs got Germany's second, but Belgium had already scored 5 by then. 

In all Julius Hirsch played 7 internationals, scoring 4 goals.
Gottfried Fuchs played 6 matches for the national team, scoring 14 goals.

                                              Fuchs seated far left, Hirsch far right. 

Fuchs 4th from left Hirsch far right. 

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